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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

As a vet student I know how easy it is to become trapped in a cycle of eating, studying and sleeping without a second thought for making time to exercise... particularly during the stress of exam season. I often find myself feeling guilty for taking time out of my day when I think I should be studying, even if it’s just taking the dog for a walk.

With lockdown cancelling all my summer placements, I’ve had lots of spare time on my hands to get motivated and get moving. I found setting myself small weekly and larger monthly goals was a really effective way to keep me focused. I initially started with aiming to complete 150km during the month of may, and then upped this to 200km for June (which I managed to complete in less than 3 weeks). I also focused on being able to complete a 10km run and have now moved on to aiming towards completing a half marathon before I return to university in September.

Exercising is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing and I’ve found it to be a really effective way of relieving stress. Even on days where getting out of bed seems like a mammoth task, forcing myself to go for a quick morning run or even just taking the dogs for a walk in the hills, sets me up for a positive and productive day and changes my mindset completely. In an environment where you’re always trying to get the best exam results or when you’re stressed about upcoming placements it’s so easy to put our mental wellbeing on the back burner and as a result I find myself getting more anxious and overwhelmed. Taking a small amount of time out of my day to get moving, even if it’s 20 minutes, makes me feel so much more positive and ready to tackle the task at hand. I’m definitely going to be readjusting my weekly university schedule to make more time for exercise because I know how much better it makes me feel!

Thank you Laura for sharing your story. You can follow Laura's inspirational fitness journey on instagram @lockdownlifewithlaura. All images are copyright to Laura, unless otherwise stated. If you would like to join the movement and share your own "active vet" story head over to our submission page here.

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