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An event for the whole of the veterinary profession, a challenge ourselves to get active during October, along with friends and colleagues. A positive way to help support mental wellbeing, boost team morale, increase mental health awareness and raise funds for Vetlife.

Create a team, set a goal and find motivation and support within each other and from colleagues across the country as we all carve out some time to get active during October!

We are more likely to succeed if we are supported by those around us. That is why VMoM is a team event – create a team with work colleagues, vet school friends, family… You can also take part by yourself and find support from the community online.

Tell people about your challenge! Share your goals, aspirations and progress with the Active Vet Movement and everyone else taking part.

Tag @activevetmovement or #vetmonthofmovement. Set up a fundraising page for Vetlife to allow others to support and sponsor you.​


your team and

join in!

Vetlife are an invaluable support to our profession. If you haven’t needed them yourself, you probably know someone that has. It only made sense for an event to help us discover the benefits of exercise in supporting our mental health to also support Vetlife, so that they in turn can continue to support us. If you are struggling, please reach out to them.

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Active Vet Movement 2021

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